Pricing Should Be Straightforward

I have adopted a simple approach to pricing by using a “debit card” system. Here’s how it works: My clients pay me for 5, 10, or 1-hour blocks of time that are purchased upfront. You can use this time for any of my services. Each “time block” is good for 1 year. Every Monday my clients get an email letting them know how much time is left on their card.

Use your prepaid time for any of my services.

Monthly Options:

Option 1: $850 for 10-hour time blocks here (Purchase here).
Option 2: $475 for 5-hour time blocks. (Purchase here).
Option 3: $100 for hours booked individually. (Purchase here).

  • No monthly minimum required
  • Debit Cards are not refundable
  • Expiration Date: 1 year from the date of purchase