virtual assistant services for
your Blog, content management, and

work-life balance

For the things that need to be done, but you don’t want to be the one.
I’ve got you covered!

What if :

  • You could cut your blog production time in half?
  • Your email newsletter was ready and all you had to do was click send.
  • You had a Virtual Assistant managing your email and other time-consuming behind-the-scenes work for you.
  • Fresh, engaging Pinterest and other graphics were ready for your social media without you having to struggle with hex codes, color palettes, and spending hours down the graphic design rabbit hole.


blog, on-page SEO, and distribution services

Your content is Queen! For the blogger who doesn’t have time for SEO, content repurposing, and miscellaneous blog tasks:

Using your written content:

  • Format, On-Page SEO, and Distribution: This includes researching SEO terms, balancing your writing with the best SEO option, proof, editing, photo sourcing, adding links and categories, adding internal links to further help with SEO and visitor “stickiness” and posting to WordPress as well as your social media channels
  • Content Repurposing: Create and future-schedule social media quotes and other graphics from your blog post to extend the life of your content and drive more traffic back to your website
  • Content UpgradesYour 2nd chance to get a subscriber! Almost any blog post can be turned into a checklist, worksheet, or other opt-in freebies and then added to your individual blog posts to entice visitors to sign up for your email list
  • Pinning your blog posts to your Pinterest boards
  • Research blog topics and their potential SEO terms
  • Update older blog posts
  • Manage and answer blog comments

Email newsletters

Do you have subscribers, but not enough time to be consistent with sending out your newsletter? Potential money is being left on the table if your subscribers are not hearing from you. Let’s fix that!

Sometimes, to-do lists can get so long that publishing your newsletter on a regular basis can fall through the cracks of daily life!

  • Using your written content, I’ll proof, format, and add your content to your email service, add photos and links, test, and schedule your newsletter to go out to your subscribers on time and consistently
  • Adding your newsletter to your blog
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growing your email list of warm leads

Branded lead magnets and content upgrades created in your Canva account for converting more of your website visitors into subscribers – Let’s go!

Click here to view my portfolio

  • Lead Magnets – Branded for your business and used as your freebie offer to get people to sign up for your email list
  • Content Upgrades – Your 2nd chance to get a subscriber! Not everyone will sign up from your lead magnet offer or exit pop-up. Content upgrades are an additional and engaging way of converting more website visitors into subscribers from your individual blog posts
  • Create engaging and branded workbooks and checklists that are perfect for course creators or as additional lead magnet content
  • All work will be in your Canva account so you can keep, edit, and reuse the content I create for you

Social Media Graphics & Scheduling

You need to maintain your visibility online and get more website traffic, but your time to create graphics is shrinking as your business grows. Save time and use ready-and-waiting customized graphics created in advance just for you.

Click here to view my portfolio of Canva Graphics for Pinterest and social media

Branded and engaging graphics will be created or edited in your Canva account and then scheduled out to your social media channels using your favorite social media platform.

  • Podcast announcements so your listeners know when and where to listen
  • Branded graphics for promoting your products, services, and online courses
  • Pin-worthy Pinterest graphics
  • Inspirational messages for creating community and connection
  • Canva Templates – customized for your business and marketing objectives
  • All work will be in your Canva account so you can always edit and reuse the social media content I create for you
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Behind-the-scenes daily admin

For the things that need to be done, but you don’t want to be the one. I’ve got you covered!

  • General administrative services
  • Upload videos into membership sites and format text under each video
  • PDFs – Creating, splitting, merging, and making editable
  • Email inbox management, sorting, organizing, and prioritizing
  • Create Ebooks and workbooks for classes, and online courses
  • For WordPress Website Updating and Changes:
  • Use basic CSS code for website changes
  • Update content
  • Add testimonials
  • Test for mobile responsiveness (tablet and phone), testing site speed
  • Create landing pages
  • Create opt-in forms and graphics
  • Fix broken links
  • Don’t see the task you’re looking for? Book a Discovery Call to find out about including additional services that will lighten your daily load.

Camtasia video editing

General video editing using Camtasia

Perfect for:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Webinar and other replays
  • Stripping out audio to repurpose for podcasting
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When your behind-the-scenes to-do list is stacking up, I’ll take over the load for you.