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3 Solutions to Help Women Delegate The Task

When a woman runs her own business, one common challenge we face is the reluctance to delegate the task (or tasks) at hand. I hear women express that they want to delegate more, but it’s followed by fear and overwhelm. It sounds like: “I want to delegate, but I don’t think there’s anybody who will understand my work, take it as seriously as I do, and do a really good job.” or it sounds like “By the time I explain it, I could have done it myself”.  As a result, nothing gets delegated, and we are left doing everything for ourselves (which is draining and even keeps us from more important revenue-generating work). The truth is, the problem is not a lack of capable and committed people willing to help. It’s that people simply don’t know how to delegate and are afraid to let go, even a little. In this blog post, we’ll explore 3 solutions that will help you finally delegate the task.

Delegate the Task – Fear # 1:

Time and Effort Required for Training: Delegating often involves training others to perform tasks, and you may be hesitant to invest the time and effort required for this training, especially when you are already busy with a to-do list. 

Solution #1:

Hire a VA that specializes in the tasks you need to be completed, so you can start immediately with someone who is experienced. Virtual Assistants are already up to speed with 90% of what needs to be done because they do these tasks for multiple clients. Also, all of the work will be reviewed by you before moving forward until you are comfortable and confident that your VA understands what you want done.

Delegate the Task – Fear #2:

Reluctance to Give Up Familiar Tasks: What if you enjoy certain tasks? You may feel reluctant to delegate them because you find them personally satisfying or comfortable. 

Solution #2:

If those tasks will earn you more revenue, then keep that task and consider delegating something else. If, however, the task KEEPS you from revenue-generating work, which is costing you money, then consider letting it go (but explain to your VA that you want it done a certain way). Also, because you know the task, you’ll know quickly if it has been done correctly.

Delegate the Task – Fear #3:

Overwhelm: Ironically, we hesitate to delegate because as business owners we are already overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. We hesitate to deal with what we think the delegation process is and how much time it will take. 

Solution #3:

Virtual Assistants are excellent at creating systems. Don’t assume that you have to provide (or come up with) a complicated framework to delegate the task. A VA can create a system for you or plug into a system you already have in place. Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t already have the “perfect” system mapped out. Your VA will take that burden from you.

So, where do you find these “mythical” admin creatures that care about your business as much as you do? Honestly, we are everywhere and ready to work, but below are some tips to help you find and work with the VA that is perfect for you!

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1. Research the Best Virtual Assistant

Before you delegate, it’s essential to do your homework to find the best person with the expertise. If you’re looking to delegate tasks like blog management, seek out someone with WordPress experience. Likewise, if you need help setting up your newsletter, look for individuals with experience using platforms like ConvertKit or similar programs. If you are tempted to hire a friend or family member, do so carefully! Friends and acquaintances may have a more relaxed attitude towards work, which can lead to challenges in maintaining professionalism and setting clear boundaries. Personal relationships might interfere with work-related decisions, leading to potential conflicts or misunderstandings (and there is no guarantee they really know what they’re doing). Your Virtual Assistant already has the experience and knows they are there in a professional capacity to get the job done.

2. Provide Specific Information to your Virtual Assistant:

Being specific and professionally direct with what you want is NOT impolite. It’s necessary to get daily business done. Vague instructions like, “Can you handle this?” are not helpful when delegating. Even for seemingly straightforward tasks, it’s essential to provide detailed information, including timelines and any supporting materials. For example, if you want to publish a newsletter, send an email like, “I’m ready to publish my next newsletter. Attached is the Word document and the images I’d like to use. Can we schedule it for this Friday at 6:00 a.m.?” Being thorough with your instructions helps ensure that the work is done to your specifications.

3. Your VA Will Create Check-In and Quality Control Points: 

To keep projects on track, your VA will schedule regular check-in points and milestones so both of you are on the same page. Misunderstandings can arise even when both parties think they understand the task at hand. By having regular check-ins, you can address any issues promptly so your VA can make necessary adjustments to ensure the project’s success.

It’s okay to delegate the task. Your work-life balance (and even your income) will be impacted positively or negatively depending on the choices you make. Don’t let fear hold you back from delegating effectively; instead, embrace the opportunity to grow your business and achieve more with the help of others. Delegation, when done well, can be a significant win for both you and your revenue goals.

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