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4 Powerful Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Bloggers

Running a successful blog takes work and a lot of your time. Researching SEO, proofing, blog writing editing, photo finding, distributing your posts to all of your social media channels, outlining new posts, and of course, there is your own self-care and likely a family you’re responsible for as well (I’m tired already). While you can hire a general Virtual Assistant for a variety of tasks, here are 5 reasons it’s wise to hire a Virtual Assistant FOR bloggers.

1) Virtual Assistants for Bloggers Understand How SEO Impacts Your Rankings

We know that Google scans your content for H1s, H2s, and your metadata and it’s important to include your keywords in those key places (among others). We know that good, consistent SEO hygiene in every blog post is what gives you the best chance to be found in Google organically over time instead of paying for ads. We are keenly aware that SEO research and balancing your writing with your best keyword option takes time you may not have. We know that Google prioritizes blog content that uses SEO and formatting best practices on a regular basis so we follow those rules.

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2) Virtual Assistants for Bloggers Understand You Need Traffic, Now 

SEO is a long-haul game, and totally worth it. But we also know that you want website traffic now. So, posting your content to all of your social media channels, making sure photos are clear (not pixilated), and hashtags are good becomes our “get-you-traffic-now” priority. Once your blog post is live in WordPress, the next stop is social media where your content is pushed out asap so you can get traffic now while waiting on the SEO to kick in! 

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3) We Understand Your blog may not be the product

Blog posting and pushing out to social media is only part of a bigger content ecosystem. We also know your blog will:

  • Bring people to your site so they will buy your products or services
  • Help you build your email list of sales leads that you can email and market to on a regular basis
  • Build relationships that will allow the know-like-trust factor to close the gap between you and your next client
BBS Art 750 x 44

4) When it comes to a Work-Life Balance for Women, I have more than a passion. I have an attitude.

I know there are behind-the-scenes tasks with blogging and your online business (and quite frankly, I can get a little worked up about how much society, in general, expects women to do ALL the time, but I’ll behave for now). I’m ready to help women online business owners with those non-glamorous, but necessary tasks that will give you back your time so you can do more work in your zone of female genius.

If you’re having to balance your online business tasks with your daily life reality and family, I invite you to review my services here. As a “fellow” female business owner, I’d love to support you.

Before you leave today, download a free Canva template here that you can use as your next lead magnet for building your email list.

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